The Healing Roots

Acupuncture and Alternative Health Therapies.

Nourishing the Roots of our Health and Wellness.

Our Fees

 An initial Holistic Health Assessment is required for first time Acupuncture clients.



Holistic Health Assessment- 15 min-  $15 (plus tax)

Community Acupuncture Session- 45 min-  $15-45 (plus tax)

Personal Acupuncture treatment- 45 min-$50 (plus tax)

Cosmetic Acupuncture Session- 45 min- $45  (plus tax)

Hot stone massage- 60 min- $60 (plus tax) 

Tuina (Traditional Chinese Medicine massage)- 15 min- $20  (Plus tax)

Tuina (Traditional Chinese Medicine massage)- 30 min$35  (Plus tax)



Yoga or Meditation class- Single- $15  (plus tax)

Workshops- $30  (plus tax)


Class Packages (plus tax)

5 class pass- $70

10 class pass- $120 

20 class pass- $220  

Community Acupuncture Packages (plus tax)

5 session pass- $150

10 session pass- $250

20 session pass- $375



We provide professional acupuncture at affordable rates by seeing more than one patient in an hour (see Community Acupuncture tab).

By multi-purposing our Yoga space, our class rates are low too, so anyone can afford to get the benefits offered by the practice of Yoga and Meditation. 








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